Corona and Norbusang

Are there any reasons to cancel Norbusang 2020? Here is information about the current situation.

In all Nordic countries there are infected persons. Basically everyone of them has been exposed to the virus in regions where the virus is spreading: China, Iran or Northern Italy.

In all Nordic countries the imported, infected persons are treated in a very similar way: through isolation and adequate medical treatment. People who have been in close contact with infected people are quarantined.

This means that the virus is, so far, not spreading in the Nordic countries, even though there are cases found.

People are advised not to travel to the Hubei province in Chine, South Corea, Iran, and Northern Italy.

There is no recommendation from any authority in the Nordic countries to avoid travelling to Sweden.

Participants in the Norbusang festival will come from the Nordic countries where no spreading has been confirmed, so far.

Therefore there is no reason to cancel the festival or recommend participants from any Nordic country to stay at home. Should the situation change dramatically in any of the Nordic countries we will consider those new circumstances and inform the choirs concerned.

You will find the most up-to-date and adequate information about the situation in Sweden, at the Swedish Public Health Authority’s website

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