Important dates

Mid January 2023
Registered choirs are required to make a binding registration of the right number of chorists, adults and conductors, invoice address and if your choir wants to perform at a Mosaic concert.

Early February 2023
Invoices are distributed. Choirs get info about what workshop you will attend.

April 2023
We will ask for the names of every participant and any food allergies. Music sheets to some workshops are distributed digitally.

May 17th-21th – FESTIVAL!! 


Every participant needs an insurance. For liability and a travel insurance in case something occurs during, on the journey to the festival or on the journey home. Please make sure all your participants are insured before departure.

UNGiKÖR has an insurance for everyone working in the project organisation as employee or volunteer.

Self-employed workshopleaders shall make sure they are insured.

Cancelling conditions

When the invoices have been distributed in early February, the registration is binding.

The fee can be repaid in case of illness that hinders participation for individual participants. A medical attestation should be sent to the project leader in connection with the illness that obstructs participating. Medical attestations that are sent afterwards will not be handled. 

UNGiKÖR does not repay participation fees if departures have been cancelled so that a participant does not reach the festival. Participants are responsible for making sure they have a travel insurance.