Norbusang: Barn- och ungdomskörsång i Norden

Welcome to Norbusang 2017

Ung i Kor Vest welcomes singers to Norbusang 2017 that will take place in Os, Norway 24.-28. May 2017.

There will be workshops, concerts, excursions and a lot of fun for participants aged 8 to 18 years old. The main venue during the festival will be Oseana, which is a concert hall built in 2011. In this venue there will be the opening and closing concert as well as different workshops during the festival.

The festival offers 6 different workshops, and we hope that everyone will find something they like. More information on the instructors as well as the content of the workshops will come soon.

Os is located south of the city of Bergen. It is easily accessible from  Bergen airport and Bergen city centre by airport bus or public transport. Os is situated by the Bjørnefjord where coastal and fjord landscape meet. And we hope that this will bring a nice atmosphere to the festival

The language of the Norbusang festival is Scandinavian

Ung i Kor Vest is the host of Norbusang 2017.




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